Do you want a 100% private family space?

Do you want a 100% private family space?

Create your own protected private space, customise it, comment photos/videos and safely share news about your family life with your loved ones or distant relatives.
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Share news about your family life easily

Share news about your family life easily

School plays, sports days, family outings, its’ the perfect service for keeping in touch and sending out news to the people you love is very easy. Try our 100% private service.
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Create a real treasure trove of memories

Create a real treasure trove of memories

Pregnancy photos, videos of the birth and evolution of your child, you can easily create a customised log book to share with your family and friends: everything is private.
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Ideal for relocated families

Ideal for relocated families

Keep in touch with your loved ones, send news to your family, and safely share photos and videos with your distant relatives and your friends: It's easy and secure.
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Your private wedding blog

Your private wedding blog

To immortalise your memories from your special day, create your own wedding space and send a password protected invitation to your guests.
✎ Create your private blog

A simple solution to create your private blog

Create a protected photo/video gallery of your family that you can share with your loved ones only. It’s ideal
to stay in touch with distant relatives and to share news in an original manner.

Make the most of a secure alternative to social networks

For all families who are looking for a service where they can share news with their loved ones. A service that completely
respects your private life and that of your family; make the most of true protection of your private data and its contents.

Customise your family space with your own images

Easily customise your private family blog and comment photo/video albums in just a few seconds,
share the children’s drawings with the family and the who’s who gallery.

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Everything is private

Your content and data are safe and totally private. All of moments you save are visible to you and your guests only. Simply setup passwords for your guests and send invitations from your Parent Zone. ...

Family Friendly

Enjoy a family private service to share your photos with your guests: family, senior people and friends. Now, you can share special moments with your loved ones only and not with the entire world. ...

Share with your mobile

Share your mobile photos and videos easily without installing an app or software. It's super easy to use! Our platforms offers many useful and practical functions to manage your private space with… W

Your Parent Zone

Let's connect to your parent's dashboard: customise, manage your content and guest passwords. Enjoy an intuitive parent zone to create, manage your content and guests and customise your private blog.

★ Create your secure family blog : free trial

From your computer, your tablet or your mobile phone, share your photos without the world watching.

Great features to create your private blog

Easy to customise

Your children are growing up and your family is evolving? You will soon be welcoming a baby? Easily customise your family blog with your own photos and make the most of a service that evolves with you...

Easy to setup

Unlike social networks your private family space does not need you to set any parameters and it is 100% private. Your contents are totally protected, protected from undesirable guests.

Easy to share

No need to call grandma to warn her that new photos are online. The platform does it for you. Your guests are notified each time you add new contents.


Your guests will love the simplicity of your private blog: they won't need to register to visit your Private Space and they will receive email notifications for every update you will make.

10 good reasons why you should create a private blog

Our service is NOT a social network. No ADS. Complete Privacy. Your data and all of your personal information are protected.

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♥ Parents and Family testimonials ♥

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I don’t know about you, but ever since our child was born we’ve never taken as many photos as this before! We like to share them with our friends, but not with the whole world! Basically this service is really useful. It’s great that relatives can leave comments on each photo, a bit like Youtube, except that it is private. Thanks for coming up with this idea! Kelly & Bill from NY  
-Kelly & Bill – New York (USA)
Since I have started using your service, even my mom can see photos of my boys (she gets online only for that!), thanks again and congratulations on all the great ideas and features you offer. Bruce and Margot
-Margot and Bruce – Roma (Italy)
Your site is ideal for families who live far from each other (or not), and our close friends can watch our baby grow, it’s like they are with to us! Thanks and keep up the good work! Ysabel
-Ysabel – Madrid (Spain)
As requested, we are sending you feedback about your service. We are very happy to have come across your service. We were looking for something similar since a long time because we’re unsure about social networks. Our family lives in France and Belgium and others have relocated, we tried using the site, but it was too complicated for the elderly members of our family. Your site, on the other hand is easy to use, even for old people. They can easily access our family photo albums and the videos that we upload each week, whether it be photos from our two daughters dance class or the football practice of our son. These memories can now be kept safe but also shared with our loved ones. Michelle and Patrick from Geneva
-Michelle and Patrick – Geneva (Switzterland)
Hello team! Just a short email to congratulate you on your service! We’re parents of a teenage boy (7 years old) who is currently attending a horse-riding college. We often take many photos when he attends riding contests and like to share these family moments with our loved ones. Your site is ideal for this; it preserves our intimacy and our private life, even if our daughter sometimes still posts photos with her girlfriends on social networks, we prefer that our family albums remain private. That’s why we decided to use your service. We hope that our testimony will be published. Jenifer and Laura from Boston
-Jenifer and Laura – Boston (USA)