Enjoy a family private service to share your photos with your guests: family, senior people and friends. Now, you can share special moments with your loved ones only and not with the entire world.

Choose a graphic theme among those on offer and customise it using your personal photos: decorating your family space is child’s play.

A solution for sharing news with your family whilst protecting your private life

At a time where social networks trade their user’s personal data, finding a family friendly service that allows you to share news with your loved ones while protecting your private life is extremely tricky.

The majority of platforms enabling you to create a blog often require advanced computer skills, meaning that they are often too complicated to use by parents and their relatives. With social networks, your privacy is at risk, hence your families and your children’s privacy is too.

Many testimonials of photo theft or unauthorised use of data by a third party are published every day! The danger is real. Using such services to share / distribute photos of your children is not risk free, even if your profile is private.

Many free services allow you to create your private space, but few of them offer their users complete protection of their private life. Nor do they enable them to easily manage their private space and all that it entails.

However, like a beacon of hope, a family service stands out from the pack. It’s a family service that deserves to be talked about and even recognised of public utility.

Dedicated to the family! Discover a service that guarantees complete protection for both you and your family’s private life

Fammies.com is a platform for creating private spaces dedicated to families only, enabling you to create in just a few minutes, a secure family blog.

The time for social networks is behind us. They are often complicated to use and not without risk. No more emails with photo attachments to send news to your distant relatives and family friends. Forget about sms’s, impractical for sharing your children’s smile with his grandparents.

Our family memories are too special to share with just anyone.

Fammies was created because protecting your family’s and your children’s private lives has become an important reality. The dangers and the risks on the Internet require you share and distribute your family photos with great care. Fammies is not a social network; it’s a comprehensive package that is very easy to use.

It’s a platform for creating private spaces that are individually independent with many practical and family friendly functions. Families can easily create their private space, upload their photos/ videos and create an interactive photo album, hassle free, to share with people of their choice. For example it’s ideal for sharing news with elderly parents or for creating a photo blog of your family vacation or even still a wedding blog, accessible to all the wedding guests.

For families who enjoy taking many photos and videos (for example with their smartphones), it’ll be extremely handy. They’ll be able to share their family life with their loved ones with peace of mind, and not worry about who may “come across” their photos. This is evidently the case with Facebook.

It’s easy to use for both parents and grandparents who will be delighted to receive regular news

Here is the homepage of a private family blog. It is on this page that guests invited by the family will enter their password to access the family space.

Without a password, access is denied. Obviously search engines such as Google and others are also denied access. There is no chance of finding your photos indexed in search engines. It’s a huge advantage.

Easy to customise and to safely share news with your family

Once the password is entered, guests access the family space and are greeted with welcome message (that you can customise as you wish). They can easily browse through the site using the menu and leave comments on the family photos or videos.

Many graphic themes are on offer. As soon as your account is open you can customise your space, choose a graphic theme that corresponds to you and your family and once you have uploaded your first photos, send out invitations to all your family members for them to come and discover your new family website.

Great! Super! I love it! You won’t’ have to wait for long before receiving comments from your guests. They will love leaving comments about your family outing, wedding photos, Christmas time and birthdays. But most of all, they will be happy to know that you trust them.

Here are the key reasons that make Fammies a truly unique service:

› No adds and no trading of your personal data
› Your loved ones don’t need to register or to create an account
› Easy to use, even for grandparents
› You can download a backup of all your photos at any time
› Works on computers, tablets and smartphones
› Your guests are notified of each update made
› Practical, smart and easy to use functionalities
› Many themes that you can use or customise
› Registration is 100% free for your trial

For each occasion you will find a wide variety of original graphic themes: Christmas time, birthdays, special occasions, vacations, first day of school, different seasons, births etc… You have the possibility to customise each theme with your own pictures or photos of your family.

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