Build a 100% private family blog

It is now possible to create your own private family blog to share with your close friends and family in under a minute.

You register for free, choose the name of your own family blog, choose a design template, which you can customise as you wish, and then you can start uploading photo albums and videos.

The interface is simple and easy to use, it offers multiple options to customise your secure family blog and create a list of recipients (all you need to do is enter the first name and email address of your loved ones).

Using the invitation option, you can send out personal invitations to your family and friends, it’s unlimited!


Your family immediately receives their invitation and the password you have chosen for them. It’s easy to understand and use, in particular by grandparents who are always delighted to see and have the opportunity to comment your family photos or videos.

The service can be used on a desktop, laptop, Apple computer and any other mobile device. This is especially handy if you enjoy taking photos and videos with your I-phone. You can instantly upload the video you’ve taken of your family and also upload new photos. Your loved ones receive an email each morning, at around 8am, if new content has been added to the site.

Dad is recording his son’s football game and mom is taking photos of her daughter at dance class: grandparents can follow and comment their grandchildren’s daily lives

Sharing your family life is obviously the key point, but another interesting feature the service provides is the ability to store these precious life moments and visualise them, months or even years later.

What a pleasure it is to look at the photos of your past family vacations, or to watch the birth of your child all over again.

The service offers a concrete and secure alternative to social networks

There is no advertising and it guarantees complete protection of the contents and the user’s personal data. At all times, parents can download a backup of the blog’s content (photos, videos, comments from the guestbook etc…) and should they wish to, one day, stop using the platform.

One click is enough to delete their private family blog from the platform. Unlike social networks where it is incredibly difficult to have photos removed, in this case there are no nasty surprises. The service has been though through by families who first of all had in mind the user’s convenience, and more importantly their peace of mind.

The conditions for creating your parent account and family blog are equally very simple:
Registration is free and allows to your save/share 50 photos and 5 videos, after which, in order to add new contents, a reduced offer is proposed at $0.99 for the first month!

Creating your own private family blog for your photos /videos is cheaper than a cup of coffee, it would be a shame not to try!

Create your private blog now