Make your christmas private space and share with your loved ones

The children’s Christmas gifts are safely hidden away, as are the adult’s gifts; you already have your menu planned out for you traditional Christmas lunch with all your family!

Every year, the children open the presents left under the Christmas tree by Santa Clause; your home is filled with joy, surprises and laughter during these magical festive moments.

Running out of ideas for Christmas gifts?

The Christmas holidays are the most important times of the year for most families, a time where parents take multiple photos, and record these magical moment that remain as precious memories, whether it be for children or for adults.
As often with most families, a lot of these photos will remain in the family photo album, or stored on a USB key, ready to be looked at once the children are older.

Many families like to share some of those photos taken on the day with their distant relatives whether it be using their mobile phones or by email. Most of the time, sharing a large volume of photos and/or even videos can be fastidious and time consuming. The tools available often don’t allow you to share entire photo albums or long videos.

Creating a Christmas blog with your family photos?

To work around these constraints and easily share your Christmas photos and videos, you just need to create your own private Christmas blog!

This platform is designed for families, registration is free and you can create a private and secure family space, accessible only to the people of your choice. The photos are protected, visible only by the guests you chose and who will need to enter the password attributed to them. It’s so convenient!

In just a couple of minutes, you can customise, leave comments, and upload photos and videos from your parent zone. After which you just need to invite your loved ones to come and comment your photo albums. The platform guarantees complete protection of its user’s private lives and also of the websites contents. It’s ideal for creating a Christmas blog that you can safely share with all your family.

Create your secure christmas blog with secure access to share your photo albums and  videos with your loved ones only

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