Create your private and secure baby blog: Safely share photo albums and videos with the ones you love!

When you become a parent, you want to share photos of your child with all of your family, traditionally, announcing the good news is done via announcement cards, once you’re back at home. Have you ever thought about creating a secure baby blog ?

With the extensive choice of photos, paper, envelopes, and especially the content announcing the news, many families do so several days following the birth, sometimes, even several weeks later.

Sharing the first photos of your child’s birth

Many families share the first photos of their child via email, sms, but also using their Facebook account. What they don’t realise is that social networks are not the ideal place to be sharing photos of their families, but often, there is no other choice than to use such sites to announce the birth of their child to their close relatives.

When you are familiar with the internet and the dangers of social networks, it’s the last thing you should be doing.

Many families and parents can testify of the theft of their photos, unauthorised use of family photos by a third party, hacking of their different accounts and even identity theft. It is obvious that Facebook, Instagram and so on, are not services which are adapted to sharing birth photos or those of your family.

To protect you child from all these dangers, a suitable solution for families exists. It allows you to create your own private space for your photos and videos, only accessible to people selected by you, in other words, close family and true friends.

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A private family service, where you can create your secure baby blog, accessible only by your close relatives

This private, family-friendly platform, already popular with many families throughout the world, guarantees the safeguard of your private data and therefore of your families’ private life. This service tailored for families, without advertisements and with secured private data, enables the creation of your private and secure baby blog, accessible by invitation only from the parents, and equally password protected.

Ideal for a birth announcement, a baby or a family blog, it’s a family friendly platform where you can safely store and share news, photos, and videos of your choice.

It’s user friendly, parents can register for free, allowing them to access their parent zone where they can customise the background and layout that will host the photo albums and videos of their little cherub.

The next step is sending out personalised invitations (including the password chosen for the guest) to loved ones so that they can log onto the private family space. Loved ones don’t need to create an account or to register, all they need to do is to click on their private invitation which they received by e-mail and to log on using the password.

Parents are delighted and grand-parents love it

As you can see, the creators of the service (2 couples of young parents) when they first had the idea of this family concept really took the time to think this through. At a time where social networks shamelessly use user’s private data, it became obvious that a protected family service, dedicated to families would be widely adopted by the public.

Not only have they created a secured service, they also ensured a facilitated access for invitees who, most of the time, are not so tech-savy elderly persons. Your secure baby blog is therefore extremely user friendly and enables grandparents with internet access to regularly follow their grandchildren’s evolution, day by day.

Finally, some information regarding the platform: Registration is completely free and enables you to try out the service with 50 photos and 5 videos.

Beyond this, a paying formula is offered from $0.99 only. All options and features are included in the service; you won’t have the unpleasant surprise of having to pay extra for any feature or have to limit the number of guests.

The service is available on all devices, PC, MAC tablets and even mobile phones, though with a simplified version of the parent zone.

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