Create a private blog: Who are we?

Designed by parents, “Create a private blog”, is intended to provide advice to parents who wish to create a secure interactive space and who have not found what they are looking for on the web. With this blog and the different articles offered, we will try to shed some light on different subjects related to the protection of your private life.

We aim to guide parents, families, and web-users in general on how to protect, at a minimum, their private lives and its contents (personal photos, family photos, videos, comments, data and personal information) when they publish it online.

The protection of you private life is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Protecting your and your loved ones private life is crucial.

A blog that talks about private lives and data protection

We will try to guide you so that you make the right choices. Nowadays, taking a photo has become incredibly fast and simple, even more so now with Smartphones. It’s much more difficult to safely share photos with your loved ones and not risk unveiling your private life to a stranger. Our main goal is to assist you in making the right choices and to guide you towards the best possible solution.

Creating a private blog is no simple task so we will try to help you go down the right path so that you can share data safely with minimum risk. If you accidentally came across our presentation, discover our service for free here.

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As you can see from the different searches, many of them are related to protecting the family and look for services where one can share privately while at the same time protecting the families’ private life.

It is obvious that there are many problems related to social networks and questions raised by families must be answered and addressed.
We hope that we will be able to address these issues in a clear and precise manner on our blog!

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