Create your private wedding photo space to share privately with your loved ones

How to make a private wedding photo blog?

Creating a wedding website or a wedding blog? With a public or a private access to your photos? How much should you spend … $200? $500? $1000? Which service provider should you choose? Here are some clues.

Like all newlyweds, you want to keep all these precious memories and share them with the people you love. This idea is increasingly recurrent to brides and grooms. You have to admit that it’s appealing: your own private space dedicated to your wedding that you can share with your guests and who can comment each moment of the ceremony. Special times spent together that they can thank you for and share with you their best wishes for these exceptional moments.

Often, before reaching that point, you’ll need to find and choose a service provider, meet with him/her several times to explain exactly it is that you want, find pre-existing wedding blogs, come up with ideas and instruct the webmaster on what functions you wish to have.

In the same manner as with creating wedding announcement cards, creating a wedding website is time-consuming and can be extremely expensive.


An affordable solution exists where you can create a private photo/video blog of your wedding, accessible by invitation only and that is password protected

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Creating your private space where you will be able to showcase your future wedding and save all your memories is possible without breaking the bank! With your wedding blog, you can share all important information (organisation, activities of the day or of the weekend, directions so that your guests don’t get lost, etc…) and save the numerous photos and videos from before and after the wedding.

You will be able to share all your special moments with your guests: the ceremony, the wedding party, your vows at the town hall, your wedding blog will reflect who you are. You will be able to send personal invitations to your loved ones and share your joy in a secure manner.


A real and secure space for sharing with your guests

Once your private space is created, you can start adding photos, videos, customise your blog, organise and send invitations to guests. Without having to be tech savvy, you can manage your wedding blog and make the most of all services offered. It’s easy to use, not only for you the bride and groom, but also for your guests. To create your space, you just need to find a name, the platform is really intuitive, whether you’re creating your space from a tablet or form your mobile phone.

Half way between Youtube and Facebook (the difference being that the service is entirely private and your data is protected), it’s a real social network that is private, secure and easy to apprehend.

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Why create a private and secure wedding blog?

One of the key features is the protection of your private life. Creating a wedding photo blog is easy, but protecting it is another story. Our platform creating the wedding blog enables you to secure access to your photos and videos and to ensure it is used in a confidential manner.

Without an invitation your wedding blog is completely invisible to search engines and without a password, inaccessible. It’s a real guarantee that your private life is protected, as well as that of your guests who may not wish to be photographed in a sensitive situation (for example: after several glasses of champagne )and appear in google images. 100% privacy, it’s the unique parameter of this platform.


What are the price and the duration of this wedding blog?

Unlike some services providing wedding photo blog, here, it is unlimited. Your wedding blog will also become your family site; it will be able to host photos of the birth of your child, your holiday photos or of Christmas with your family. A private space for your family where you can save all your memories and share them with the people of your choice.

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