Make a private baptism photo blog easily

When you are preparing your child’s baptism there are often so many details you need to think about to ensure it’s a success, between sending out the invitations to your loved ones, announcements to your friends, decorating the venue, choosing the menu, selecting outfits for the family, there’s a lot to do.

The photos taken on the day are obviously one of the most important elements of the ceremony, as these photos will accompany your child throughout his/her life

Some families may choose a professional photographer to immortalise their child’s baptism and sometimes even request a video be made to be shared with their family and all the invitees on that day. However using a professional service for such an event is often an additional financial burden.

Therefore, most families prefer to take charge themselves of taking photos and making videos of their child’s baptism. Evidently the final result is less polished than that of a professional, but it’s often the cost of such a service that weighs in the final decision.

Next there’s the decision of how the parents want to share the photos and videos with their loved ones

– By email: Sending the photo album and multiple videos by email?
Not very practical and particularly time consuming, especially if you want to share many folders with multiple people at the same time.

– Burning a DVD: It appears as the most practical solution but again, it is very time consuming and comes at a cost should the family be planning to send the DVD’s to relatives living abroad.

– Printing the photo album: A very costly option where parents can’t share videos, and that also not enable them to share it with invitees present at the ceremony.

– Sharing via Facebook: This is a risky enterprise when one is aware of the lack of security on this particular social network (any photo published belongs to them, users relinquish the rights to their photos once published on this social network); not to mention the complicated privacy settings and the fact that grandparents won’t access the photos as they often find this social network too complex for them.

However, a solution exists that brings together all the criteria a family needs to share the contents of a beautiful baptism ceremony: ease of use, security, easy to customise, accessible to all invited. You just need to create your own private baptism blog!

Creating a secure baptism blog to share photos with family

Creating your own private baptism blog is very simple with this platform, and it’s already being used by numerous families worldwide. It allows you to create a secure baptism blog where you can share your family photo albums and also your videos.

It’s a space that is uniquely reserved for your family and is completely protected. Families can easily manage their space from their parent zone where they will find numerous different settings to customise their personal baptism blog. All content uploaded is accessible to the people you choose by invitation only, and is password protected.

How does it work? All you need to do is create your free account  to access your parent interface, next you chose the design theme of your private space before uploading the photos and videos of the baptism.

In just a few minutes, your child’s private baptism blog is ready and you can start sending out invitations to your loved ones using the “send personal invitations” function in your parent zone.

Easy to use and to customise, the service truly protects your private life, your data and the blog’s contents
Securing the content and invitee’s access is one of the numerous advantages offered to families.

The platform is only intended for private use by families, it’s a truly secure alternative to social networks where you can create a family blog and share it with your loved ones.

There is no risk of having your photos stolen or your identity usurped, unlike on social networks. In this case, you decide who will be able to access your private space to visualise your photos; this is the key and most efficient feature of this family service.

Create a secure baptism blog is easy as 1,2,3!