Lindsay is 33. She is a young American mother who lives in a Chicago suburb. She sent us an email to share her story with us and to talk about the advantages of using our platform to create a private blog. Here is her story.

My name is Lindsay, I live in a small town close to Chicago and I have been using your platform for the past 6 months, basically since my daughter was born.

I am sending you my testimony about your service which I have been using with my family and with which we are extremely satisfied, at all levels.

The private and secure feature is particularly reassuring, as we can share, with peace of mind, photos of our beloved daughter, and not worry that the photos may be used by a third party against our wishes, as it can happen with Facebook.

It actually happened to a friend of ours, who, having done a couple of google image searches realised that her family photos had been stolen. They were being used on websites and discussion forums by some women who invented a different life and were pretending that my friend’s baby was theirs.

To cut a long story short, before discovering your services, I tried to create a family blog during my pregnancy, using a well-known platform, but this was not family friendly at all. There was no way I could make my photos private and regulate the blog’s access, as I can do with your service. Also, the tool for uploading photos and videos was complicated to use and I would spend ages uploading and converting the video. I quickly deleted everything.

I then tried using another free site to create a blogs, but again it was a big disappointment. Although I could make the blog private, my family did not find it easy to use (my parents are not very tech-savvy). I also had to send everyone an email or call them to let them know I had uploaded new photos of my daughter or of our family.

I would just like to say that your service is great! Not only can my husband and I easily add our photos to the site and share them with our family, but the options on offer are really useful!

Many thanks again and we wish you much success with your service!
Lindsay J,

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