Create a 100% private and secure family blog to share your photos only with the people of your choice

Whether you want to share photos with your close friends or distant relatives, you can create your own protected family space now. You can customise it, create photo albums, upload videos, leave comments and invite your guests who will receive their own personal password.

Ideal to create your private blog, a secure family space, it’s a site for sharing with the people you love while at the same time protecting your private life. Create a treasure trove of memories with your photo albums, videos, your children’s drawings, a “Who’s who” of your family and friends; make the most of a family friendly service that is easy to use.

A useful service, practical for families who want to share news and information about them whilst protecting their private lives

  • Family blog (Photos, videos, comments, etc…)
  • Private wedding blog
  • A photo gallery where you can share photos of your vacation
  • Expat families, or families who have relocated
  • Share photos of your children’s school plays or sport days
  • Christmas photos, Easter holidays, children’s birthdays

To create your own private family blog you can register for free! You can share up to 50 photos and 5 videos, with unlimited functions and you can invite as many guests as you want! After which, you have the possibility to increase your storage capacity to add more photos/videos at a very reasonable price.

Make the most of a true alternative to social networks for you and your loved ones. Create a family log book that is 100%protected and private, accessible only to those you love.

Create your private blog - Safely share photos & videos only with the ones you love